What Is ‘The Art of War’?

"The Art of War" by Sun Tzu, is in fact, not the original title. It was actually titled "Sūnzi bīngfǎ" and Sun Tzu went by Sunzi, or otherwise known as Master Sun.

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What is Social Send, is it Oratio?

What is Social Send (SEND)? With no White Paper available, I am not able to dig too deep into it. I can only take from the Website itself, and try and formulate a synopsis of it. On the front, it appears to be of the same caliber as Reddcoin. It's run on the block-chain and... Continue Reading →

Quantum Cryptography

Ever worried about how safe your credit cards are online when shopping? Don't worry about it. It is extremely secure, for the time being anyways, as far as security is concerned.

Be excellent to each other… How?

Bill Preston and Ted Logan had it almost right (in my opinion). The harsh truth is, that we just don't agree as a whole to what happiness is, or how pleasure should be, or what really is "justice" when being "excellent to each other".

​We are all Wile E. Coyote.

Wile E. Coyote would frequently find himself running off the edge of a cliff. But he wouldn’t start falling to the ground below, at least not right away. It was only when he realized there was no longer any ground beneath him that he would suddenly crash downward. Human beings think about things, we have... Continue Reading →

What is Method?

The Art of War goes to some rhetorical extremes when talking about discipline and obedience. A lot of the time, based on The Art of War, man has become a herd of mindless machines, and while we understand human beings can not be turned into automatons. Even today, when we want smart and creative officers... Continue Reading →

The Five Virtues of a Commander

By the 4th century BC, the entire purpose of this military institution had become putting, tens of thousand, if not 100s of thousands of men in the field, fed, armed, and armored. What had once been an affair of highly ritualized battles of a few thousand men, had turned into the greatest affair of the... Continue Reading →


Now that you understand the transformations taking place at the time of this book was written, and the further changes in attitudes and processes that our author, our Master, is trying to drive. We can turn our attention to the structure and content of the book. The first thing you notice about The Art of... Continue Reading →

The End of a Generation

During the reign of Sun Tzu leading the Wu army, Sun Tzu became disillusioned of Wu's leaders, and thus resigned from his honorary position. Without Sun Tzu, the state of Wu was worn down, in a series of wars, until it was wiped out, by the one and only, Zhou (Choo pronounced) - of whom... Continue Reading →

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