Decline and Recline

During the fall or rather decline of the Qi, they were looking for someone to carry over their pristine views and further the development of their Dynasty. Like now, back then you had to have an interview, and this was a very special thing back in this time.

The Qi Dynasty believed in the skill of their Leaders rather than their what we now called social status or standing. The then leader, asked Sun Tzu if he could even make woman follow his command. After affirming that he can, the leader calls for a few of his concubines to the front.

Sun Tzu gives them an order and they giggle frantically. Sun Tzu then decapitated one or two of them. Now they all listened. They obeyed perfectly. In one stroke he showed the realities of war and how obedience is upmost importance. In the war that followed he crushed the much larger Dynasty of Zhou. Proving this was an effective method.

I have not done a whole lot of reading here, just some quick footnotes and made this post. more to follow.


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