What Is ‘The Art of War’?

“The Art of War” by Sun Tzu, is in fact, not the original title. It was actually titled “Sūnzi bīngfǎ” and Sun Tzu went by Sunzi, or otherwise known as Master Sun.

Which is literally broken down, as followed:

Sūn – sir name aka Sun
zi – the masters
bīng – military
fǎ – method


Sun – The Masters – Military – Method

The real kicker? Sunzi didn’t even write the book, which is a common belief. Instead, an anonymous 4th-century author has appropriated Sunzi’s credentials. To argue that people have to radically rethink the military methods. But since Sunzi was not the author, this should beg the thought of its value and insight, however though, this appropriation was absolutely was crucial to the argument that the book is trying to make.

NOTE: The use of Master. This was an incredibly high stature to carry at the time. This is very special indeed.

This book is not a ‘fad’ or ‘pop culture’ it has to be appreciated as a historically significant landmark of strategic thought.


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